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ERBA Diagnostic products are synonmous wih 'Latest technology, precision and affordability'.

The DS360 Reagent kit is capable of analyzing 1000 samples. The kit is inclusive of all the consumables required for 1000 Tests.

Part No. Description Size Download Files
099-023 DS360 Reagent Kit 500 samples  
099-024 DS360 Column Kit 1000 samples  
014-180 DS360 Control Kit 2 x 4 x 0.3mL  
014-385 DS360 Calibrator Kit    
099-017 DS360 Reagent A   DS360 Reagent A
099-018 DS360 Reagent B   DS360 Reagent B
099-019 DS360 Hemolyzer   DS360 Hemolyzer
099-020 DS360 Pump Maintenance Fluid    
099-021 DS360 Enzymatic Cleaner   DS360 Enzymatic Cleaner

Manufacturer name:

  • DREW Scientific Inc.

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