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ERBA Diagnostic products are synonmous wih 'Latest technology, precision and affordability'.

The DS5 Pink Reagent kit is a capable of analyzing 300 samples. The calibration sequence is not deducted from the number of tests available.

Part No.DescriptionSizeDownload Files
014-350DS5 (300 Test) Pink Kit300 testsDS5 (300 Test) Pink Kit
014-175HbA1c Control (2 level)2 x 3 x 0.3mLHbA1c Control (2 level)
014-380Calibrators 1 and 22 x 4 x 0.3mLCalibrators 1 and 2
270-815Barcode Reader Kit   
270-350G15 upgrade Kit   
003-605S Paper Roll, thermal printer1 
014-291Pipette tips (long)200 
014-299Microbiocide-D (for decontamination)500mL 
250-106SPump Tube Cassette1 

Manufacturer name:

  • DREW Scientific Inc.

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